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It's not the idea of not cooking but making it easier and making the perfect dish

What is Cesy?


Cezy is the cooking asisstant that you always wanted, he will help you monitor your recepies with the use of our state of the art sensors that will announce you when you need pass to the next step of your masterchef recipe.





The state of the art self learning algorithm togheter with it's sensors will identiy what you're cooking and tell you when you have to do something for your recipes, all of this easily managed through our app that you will be able to download on your smartphone



What else can it do?


  • Access million of recipes submitted either by profesionals or users


  • Track your diet using the app, it's smart learning and analyses will count the amount of calories intaken and make suggestions based on what you love to eat


  • Don't have that one ingredient? No problem! You can find the nearest opened shop that has that special ingredient you need to finish your recipe and impress all your friend.

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